We are a group of New Zealanders concerned with on-going threats to free speech and the exchange of ideas.

We are currently engaged in legal action against Auckland Council for its decision to deny a venue to Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux.

More recently, new threats to free speech have emerged that require urgent attention. On August 7, Massey University Vice-Chancellor Jan Thomas chose to cancel an event with Don Brash scheduled for the following day on the basis of ‘security’ concerns. We have just announced that we will be issuing judicial review proceedings against Vice-Chancellor Jan Thomas - contingent on raising the necessary funds.  You can donate to the cause here.

We need your help.

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

While Auckland Council backed down from Phil Goff’s claim that he had restricted Molyneux and Southern on the basis of their political views, they still defended the decision to cancel the venue for ‘security’ reasons.

Auckland Council’s capitulation to thugs who threaten events with violence has clearly emboldened others who seek to restrict speech they don’t like. The “thugs’ veto” should be unacceptable in a society that values free speech and the open exchange of ideas.

We’re continuing our fight to defend free speech in the High Court. You can donate to support the cause here.