Christchurch shootings

Free Speech Coalition offers condolences to those affected by the Christchurch Shooting


The Free Speech Coalition joins the rest of New Zealand in its mourning and condemnation of the events in Christchurch.  On behalf of the Coalition, Rachel Poulain says:

"Yesterday, New Zealand’s Muslim community, the people of Christchurch and indeed, the nation, were subject to the most despicable act of terrorism in our history. 

To peacefully practice one’s religion is one of the most fundamental freedoms of expression we have. Yesterday, a disgraceful, cowardly terrorist used weapons of war to violently silence innocent people in the worst possible way, as they were doing just that.

This was an attack on everything New Zealand stands for as a liberal democracy.

Violent extremism knows no political bounds. Anyone who threatens, intimidates, or physically harms another person for ideological reasons is wrong. What happened yesterday was the absolute worst manifestation of that.

The principle of freedom of speech should be inseparable from the principle of non-violence. If not, it counts for nothing. Those who condone or use violence are the villains, always.

We extend our deepest condolences and aroha to the victims of this horrific crime.”