Initially formed to address Auckland Council's decision to deny a venue to Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux, the Free Speech Coalition fights against new threats to free speech have emerged that require urgent attention.

In August 2018, Massey University’s Vice-Chancellor cancelled an event with Dr Don Brash based on ‘security’ concerns, while internal emails revealed her motivation to be political.

In the wake of the tragic Christchurch mosque attacks, the Chief Censor has blocked New Zealanders from legally reading the attacker’s manifesto, despite the widespread desire and need to understand the motivations behind evil and the Ministry of Justice is undertaking a review of the current adequacy of 'hate speech' laws in New Zealand.


We need your help.

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

When authorities capitulate to thugs who threaten events with violence, they embolden others who seek to restrict speech via the “thugs’ veto”.

And since the Christchurch attacks, New Zealand’s political environment is especially vulnerable to reflexive and ill-considered restrictions on rights, including freedom of speech.

These restrictions should be unacceptable in a society that values free speech and the open exchange of ideas.

These threats to free speech require public responses and sometimes legal action – activities that take time and financial resources. You can donate to the cause here or join the Coalition here.


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